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I truly recommend Idealeash and Best Tug Toys for your pets. They’re some of the best products I have ever had a chance to use at my work, and I’ve tested hundreds of leashes and toys. They’re safe and durable. And that’s important when you want to make sure your dog gets all the best. The support at Dogcessories is professional and extremely knowledgeable – they’ll advise you well on what solution is best for you and your dog.

A few weeks ago my Golden bit through its leash and ran off to get hit by a car. Luckily, nothing serious happened but that was the moment I decided that I need to find a good leash that would keep my dog safe. I came across Dogcessories and bought Idealeash because I read about its Bite Stop System. The leash is working and Bailey, that’s my dog’s name, has stopped biting it. And even if she does again, she immediately stops.

I stumbled across Dogcessories when I was looking for a new toy for my German Shepherd after he destroyed his previous pull dog toy. Well, at first I didn’t want to buy another rope tug toy, but after reading more about the product and browsing through some reviews I decided to try the Best Tug Toys out. I was surprised to see how quickly my dog got to like it. The toy is very solid and durable and its color gets my dog’s attention. That’s precisely what I needed!