Shock Absorbing System

The spring mechanism absorbs the energy and offers more resistance the more dog tries to pull. Our shock absorber stretches no more than 15 centimeters and its resistance grows with the expansion. It makes your joints safe during walks with your excited pet.

Bite Stop System

System length is 70cm – protects the leash within the dog’s teeth.

Bite Stop System is a result of ergonomics, safety and functionality – prevents dog from biting the leash eliminating any chances of weakening the leash and preventing any damage to your dog’s teeth.

Safe Travel System

This system is engineered keeping in view the comfort and offer solution for other known issues of similar products. The length is 70 cms stretchable to 85 cms allowing flexibility and comfort for your dog to sit on the back seat or under seat. This restraint lead acts a spring shock absorber, doubles up as a seat belt and standard leash. Simultaneously keeping your dog and everyone safe in the car.

Slider Lock System

Innovative and very easy length adjustment.

Sliding green tubes on the rope sets the desired length of the leash. It also allows you to run with your dog hands-free.