Fleecey – dog tug toy



Made from top quality european material


Safe for dogs of all ages

Handmade by people with disabilities

Each tug toy has a handwritten signature of the creator

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  • Fun Rope Toy – Your dog will have lots of fun playing tug of war! This dog toy is designed for dogs of all sizes.
  • Durable Puppy Dog Toy – Keep your pets entertained for hours with the perfect boredom dog toys! A wonderful owner and pet bonding activity.
  • Reduces dog’s stress – Playing reduces boredom and provides mental stimulation – it will also help to reduce disruptive behavior.
  • Handmade, soft, safe materials – our dog activity toys are 100% safe for your dog’s gums and teeth. Manufactured with pet-friendly and soft materials to ensure your dog’s safety during play.
  • Enhances relationship – build a strong bond between you and your active dog with our tug of war dog toy! The perfect activity for pet entertainment and training

Food is fun with Fleecey!

Nothing stimulates digestion better than playing tug of war! Digestion is more effective after playing Fleecey. Playing tug of war relates to a dog’s instinctive behavior – hunting for prey. Ripping the prey before mealtime releases a signal to the digestive system to start producing digestive acids.

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