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Car Adapter & Leash Extension

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Tug Toys



Leash IDEALEASH Trekking

TREKKING is probably the best leash for dogs that tend to pull. It makes walks more comfortable for both the dog and the partner. It features an innovative & patented chew proof system and rapid pull energy absorber.

Car Adapter & Leash Extension FLEXTENDER

FLEXTENDER is the crucial element of assuring your pet’s safety when traveling by car and the best comfort-adding extension to any leash.

Super durable dog tug toy SUPER SOLID

A tug toy that is appreciated by Polish mountain TOPR rescuers and many dog obedience (IPO) trainers.
The Super Solid is not only a slim and unique design – it is also an extraordinary treat for dogs who love the water games because it also floats on the water! And all these thanks to the special filling that distinguishes it from other dog toys in its category.

Fleece Handmade dog tug toy FLEECEY

Our fleece dog tug toys allow you to effectively build a strong bond with your furry friend. Recommended especially for puppies and elderly dogs – FLEECEYs are 100% safe for dogs’ teeth. Low weight and compact size make it a must-take toy for every walk or training.


COMPOSITE Dogwear accessories are made of modern composite material, perfectly imitating the leather, but with greater long-term durability and a wide range of colors. They are the best choice for active dogs who love to play in water, mud, or sand – it is very easy to clean with a wet cloth only. Necessary accessories during a pandemic, where we expect reliability, durability, and easy decontamination.

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Snuffle Mat NUFFMAT

The snuffle mat NUFFMAT is a great way to keep your dog busy for a longer time. The mat is meant for energetic dogs and those that tend to swallow their treats in a matter of seconds. Engaging your furry friend with our mat gives you peace of mind and is a great relaxing activity for your dog.

About us

We are a team o dog lovers, we all bring various backgrounds to the table but in the end, we strive to create innovative and user-friendly (at both ends of the leash) accessories and dog wear. Our products are made of the highest quality materials only, our entire supply chain and production facilities are located in Poland.






Dogcessories was awarded by the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE and was invited to Boston to the University of Masachussets to work together on IDEALEASH product improvement. MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is a CEE based, equity-free startup acceleration program affiliated to the worldwide recognized Massachusetts Institute of Technology that provides financial, legal and consultancy support to startup founder from the CEE region.

The aim of the program is to support the development of the most innovative startups from Central and Eastern Europe by combining their potential with the knowledge and resources of leading global and regional enterprises and the experience of Polish and international mentors, helping startups to scale up on international markets, primarily in the United States.

In 2021, our leash IDEALEASH 3.0 was launched on the Kickstarter platform and met with a very positive reception and interest in the United States and around the world. Campaign was funded in almost 300% and positive feedbacks come to us every day.

This proves to us that our solutions are needed, willingly used, and appreciated both by domestic dog owners, as well as by dog-trekkers, bikejorists, and people who work with dogs on a daily basis.

Dogcessories Ltd. is delighted to announce its acceptance into the Department for International Trade – Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) and our successful expansion into the United Kingdom. GEP is focused on supporting overseas entrepreneurs and helps innovative businesses with significant growth potential, to realize it’s ambitions in the UK.

Our fast-growing and innovative company is pleased to be a part of this unique global network and open our first office in London. This is a great opportunity for Dogcessories to unlock its full potential and scale our business in the UK. We own patented technology and being a part of GEP helps us to expand and grow. This partnership also enables us to create a strong foundation for further global expansion.