There’s no ideal leash

...well, except for Idealeash!

One of the features that make Idealeash simply ideal is our Bite Stop System. Why? Because thanks to our unique, patented system preventing your dog from biting on the leash, we are sure that your dog’s teeth will not damage it.

What is more, when your dog is on the leash, it is not able to run away and harm itself or others. Well, at least not until you unleash it.

Having analyzed and tested all the leashes available on the market, we decided to focus on ergonomics, functionality and safety.

That’s why the rope that has been designed for us possesses the following features:

  • It’s round - an oval or round shape fits perfectly in the human hand.

    Look at your palm, bend your fingers slightly and give yourself a thought whether that’s a flat tape with sharp edges or an oval rope that best fits in it. Consider a situation in which your dog suddenly pulls the leash so that it quickly moves in your clenched hand… While we were designing the leash, we picked such a rope diameter that would be most optimal for both a man’s and woman’s hand.

  • It’s densely braided.

    Thick braid of the leash guarantees that it will comfortably fit in your hand in both low and high temperatures. Our experience and observations show that thinly braided leashes, which harden in low temperatures, move in hands or other delicate materials just like abrasive paper. Ouch! What’s more, the thicker the braid is woven, the smaller the risk of damaging its structure during its contact with sharp objects. Our leashes have been tested in rose and blackberry shrubs as well as in dense shrubbery – in all the places your dog may be willing to go to. Not surprisingly, our leashes have passed the exam with flying colours!

  • It has super strong joining points!

    While we were designing our leashes, we wanted the weakest link to become the strongest one. Every leash must have rope joints in its structure, and those places are usually most vulnerable to breakage or weakening. That’s why we designed our own clamping dies that can grip the ropes with the strength of 20 tons! No seam nor seal could be so durable and at the same time so small. No single rope has ever broken at the joint point during performance tests – we have appropriate quality certification. The strength of the joints is 1200kN. You don’t need to know physics – we can assure you that Idealeash is strong enough to easily withstand the weight of your dog. In fact, Idealeash is so strong that it can be used to move a small car from one place to another! But don’t try that.

  • Special colours.

    Here at Dogcessories nothing ever happens accidentally. The same is true for the colours of our products. They are selected in such a way so as to stand out in the grayscale world seen by your dog. Thanks to this you become much more visible to your four-legged friend. Our leash is a long-term investment and we are sure it will serve you well for many years – we don’t want you and your dog to get bored with it. Ever.

  • Simple is perfect.

    Each element of Idealeash has been well thought through. You’re not going to find there anything that will leave you confused. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” someone wise once said - and we pursue this idea!

  • Comfortable loop.

    Whenever you want to make your leash shorter, just roll it around your hand – even if your dog pulls it, it’s enough to open your hand and your furry friend will be able to run free without pulling you behind, just like in the rodeo.

Yes, combining all these features was a real challenge – we agree. But we made it! See for yourself!