Bite Stop System

put a final end to leash biting! Harmlessly.

The Bite Stop System has been designed by a team of practitioners and theoreticians, true-hearted dog lovers. Having trained and observed hundreds of dogs, we noticed that biting, chewing and pulling on the leash are one of the most frequent forms of undesirable behaviours in dogs. We decided to do something about it.

Since we knew all the formerly used solutions inside out, it was important for us to create a design that would be aversion-free. That’s why we decided against using electricity, chemicals, or any other cruel methods, and focus on dog’s physiology and anatomy instead.

What’s so special about the Bite Stop System?

  • First - it’s the material.

    The Bite Stop System is made from a carefully prepared material subjected to heat and electrochemical treatment processes, so that it can acquire resistance against unfavourable weather conditions and deformation. To put it shortly, as long as it’s used properly, we’re sure the Bite Stop System will not go rusty and it will not change its properties over years.

  • Second – the structural design and the distance between the rings and their diameter.

    They have not been designed accidentally. Based on our research and observations we were able to adjust them to the anatomy of a dog’s skull and jaws, to make it impossible for our four-legged friend to bite or bite through the leash. Then, taking into account the differences in the structure and size of skulls, we managed to determine the most optimal dimensions of the device. The several-month long tests with dogs resulted in no dog being able to break or damage our Bite Stop System.

  • Third – special structural design.

    When your dog clamps its teeth on some object, its jaws do not move horizontally in relation to each other. In other words, the dog can only move its jaws up and down - it does not move them side-to-side at all. The precisely angled, slanted structural design system enforces that the jaws move in relation to each other, which does not let your dog clamp its teeth on the leash.

As you can see, we did our best to make the Bite Stop System effective, universal and durable. And that’s only the beginning!

If you’re interested in partnering or collaborating with us - reach out to us! Let’s make an impact together.

Our Bite Stop System can be applied in various kinds of leashes. If you’re a producer of dog accessories and you want to use our designs and make your products even better, contact us now – we’re more than willing to cooperate with you!

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