Best Tug Toys

more than just a toy!

When your dog jumps up to greet you, when you want to make a short break from training but keep your pet’s attention, when you want to play with them, tighten your bond with them, or simply let them joyfully relax for a while, there’s nothing better you can get for them than Best Tug Toys!

Our tug toy is the source of our great pride. Designed straight from the passion for dogs.

Why is it so outstanding?

  • Well, first of all because it’s versatile and comfortable.

    Best Tug Toys® has a wide range of applications during everyday play and professional training. It can easily be taken with you while going out for a walk, and thanks to a careful selection of colours (yellow and blue), it facilitates your dog’s focus on the toy. Oh, and it’s easy to wash, it dries quickly and it’s like new again! And that can’t be underestimated.

  • Second of all, it’s durable and made with great care for people and the environment.

    First-class quality and high basis weight of the material used for production of Best Tug Toys® guarantees its flexibility and durability. It’s handmade by people at risk of social exclusion. And because we care about ecology and recycling, we do our best to make sure it’s made from recycled plastic bottles.

  • Third of all, it’s perfectly safe.

    Because our Best Tug Toys® are so attractive to dogs, it doesn’t take long for our pets to start chewing them. Our toys will not let your dog’s teeth get stuck in the fibers. However, don’t forget that they’re not intended as dog chews. Use them to play together with your dog. A perfect match is you, your dog and the Best Tug Toy®!

Best Tug Toys® - you decide whether your dog is a lucky dog!

Oh, and one more thing! Starting our project, we wanted to create a unique and versatile toy for dogs, and in this way repay them for their unconditional love they give us. By using the result of our work, you strengthen us in our conviction that it was worth it. Thank you!