Most companies say they’re innovative. In fact, few of them really are. We’re doers, not talkers. We prefer facts to wishful thinking. Our dogcessories are patented or patent pending because we’re about innovation. We know how to think big. And we do it.


We’re great dog enthusiasts, scientists, professionals and hobbyists. All of us possess these traits. We partner and collaborate with hundreds of dog trainers and dog sports trainers all over the world. We train dogs for animal-assisted therapy and guide dogs. Our ideas don’t come out of nowhere. They come from practice, experience and our true passion.


We’re guided by the idea of Responsible Business, which is consistent with the EU standards. That’s why we make every effort to use only such materials that meet high quality criteria. Most of our staff employed in the production of dog accessories are people at risk of social exclusion, including people with mental and physical disabilities who could not find their place in the job market. The quality of our products comes from the fact that most of them are handmade. Thoroughly and conscientiously.

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